Monday, December 24, 2007

Mission Mendocino

On this long weekend in california i woke up to a clear sky again and decided to go on another drive this time on CA1 north. My objective was very clear Drive to Mendocino (This was the code name of Duet, the project i work on) take a pic of the entrance to Mendocino and catch the sunset in Mendocino.

The drive as usual was spectecular and i achieved both the objectives :)

Here are the results....

Entering Mendocino Town

Sunset in Mendocino

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Drive on CA1

I am in Palo Alto this week and guess what i did on the first day of a long weekend. I took a long drive on CA1 and it turned out to be a drive with spectecular drive of my stay in USA. My route looked like this...
Palo Alto -> Half Moon Bay (US101 N -> CA 92 W)
Half Moon Bay -> Santa Cruz (CA1 S)
Santa Cruz -> Carmel By the Sea (CA1S)
Carmel By the Sea -> Cambria (CA1S)
Cambria -> Palo Alto (CA46 E -> US101 N)

I chose this route as i wanted a drive similar to what i saw in a hindi movie "Salam Namaste" which is in parallel to sea coast and boy i made the right choice. It was probably better then what i saw in the movie...

A total of 422 miles on map and add 40 miles to it where i had lost my way (Its hard for a software engineer to read the maps correctly :) )

I am damn tired at the end of it however the drive was worth the effort. I had planned to start early morning 7.00 AM however as luck would have it i didn't set up the alarm correctly (My hotel has given me iHome and i messed up while setting the alarm and put the 6.00 PM alarm) so i woke up at 10.00 AM and managed to start by 10.45 AM. I am finally back in my hotel at 11.00 PM after having my dinner.
I would love to write pages about this drive however as they say it a picture is worth more then thousand words and i am posting many of them below. So enjoy the pics ...

Breath taking pacific after sunset

Santa Cruz

Pigeon point light station

Well its christmas weekend

My rental car