Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conquering the nandi hills on foot

Finally after a long time I did what i wanted to do long back :)
We trekked the nandi hills on foot...
Well the idea was to go to Kalvarhalli Beta (Henceforth K-Beta) for a trek with 4 friends however that didn't work out. We had planned to start at 4 in the morning and the start got delayed by an hour and a half (As usual when its waking up early in the morning me and all my friends are late :) ) Anyhow we started off from my place at 5.30 in the morning and on the way decided to go to nandi hills instead of K-Beta as it would be damn hot by the time we figure out our original destination.
My first reaction in the morning when we got up was forget trekking we'll just go on a drive and be back however by the time we reached nandi hills i was all pumped up :)
So as soon as we reached nandi hills (Around 6.30 ) we did a small trek on a small hill first so as to warm ourselves up and see if we can catch clouds on the peak of this small hill. As luck would have it by the time we reached to the peak the clouds were gone :(
Anyhow it served as a nice warm up trek (4 Kms) for us and the next in line was Nandi hills waiting to be conquered.
So we came down, had a nice breakfast and started Nandi hills trek on foot at around 8.30 AM. On the way we got some nice patches and the brutal sun. By 11.30 AM we were up on Nandi hills and it was quite tiring to walk all the way up. Once up all of us jumped on all the water, melons, anything which can rehydrate us...
We killed some time on the top and then everyone was of the opinion to take a bus back however on persistent pleas made by me and because we had to wait for the bus for at least 45 mins. we all decided to walk all the way back and damn it was fun.
Specially the last 4 Kms as everyone was stretched out of their limits and that's what the treks are meant for. To cross the boundaries of your physical limitations (Wow i can't believe i came up with that :D )
At the end we all reached the foot of the hill and somehow made it back to Bangalore. All tired and dehydrated it was a fun trek and the good thing was to see that the sunburn hit me back after the ski vacation in Auli.
We made a total walking of around 20 Kms during the day :)
At the end of it as they say pictures speak.....
Here are a couple of them from my camera



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Vigya said...

Not bad :) I can see, you are getting rid of 'English embarrassment'; if you don't remember about your mentioning it, no wonder, you were drunk!