Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go Audio....

I found an interesting utility to convert the blogs to audio. It can be found on
All one needs to do in order to make the blog an audio blog is to subscribe to the service with the url feed of the blog. Its simple to sign up as well. All one needs to do it to provide e-mail address and blog url to the site and a consent to convert all the content on the blog to voice format.
There are a couple of features missing in this utility though
1) It can't convert non english blogs to voice. (I can understand that it would be hard to globalize such a utility).
2) Ability to filter out certain posts to be converted to audio. (I miss this since i had to take a couple of non English posts out of my blog to enable my posts to be accessible through odiogo).

A good lesson i learnt while checking this utility is the way i have lost all the punctuations like ",", ".", "!" etc. in my writing skills. The audio version of my earlier posts might not be as interesting to listen since the automated reader used by this utility really depends a lot on this stuff to hook up the listener. Anyways, i would try to be more careful later on.....


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