Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Hyderabad now

Well its been a long time since i did a post on my blog...
the reason is nothing more then laziness...
I relocated to Hyderabad in August and then it took around a month to find a place to stay and another 7 days or so to figure out an internet provider. By the time i got it all sorted out i kind of lost touch with the blog. And then came a lot of changes in the personal life and hence another month or so without finding the so called "Time".
So much changed in the world during these past 3 months. To begin with America got Obama as new president, Lehman brothers filed bankruptcy, World economy took a downward spiral, Stock markets crashed, Nuclear deal between India and US got signed and the list goes on....But the most important to me personally was that i relocated to Hyderabad from Bangalore.
Now when i relocated i had high hopes from this city but seems like the expectations i had were too high :).
Here are a few positives and negatives of the city which i experienced in past 3 months....
Positives first :-
1) Wide roads :- Well the roads are too wide according to the indian standards. At some places it seems like a 6 lane road with 3 lanes both ways.
2) Lots of flyovers :- Yeah there are tons of flyovers in the city and it kind of reminds me of Seattle on a small scale though :)
3) Less traffic :- The traffic is too less compared to Bangalore. There are in the heart of the city however if you decide to stay a bit out of the main city the traffic congestion won't find you :)
4) Nice places to hang out :- There are a whole lot of places near Hussein Sagar Lake to hang out like eat street, water front restaurant, Snow world, Prasada's IMax, Birla Temple etc.
5) Cheap movie tickets :- The min. price of a movie ticket is 35 Rs. (Platinum class or Balcony) in talkie town, the multiplex right next to the place i stay in hyderabad.
Now the negatives :-
1) When people drive in Hyderabad they become "TERRORISTS". Better concentrate while you are on the road. Anyone and everyone out there in the vehicles is planning to hurt you. I got 2 autos banged into my feet while i was standing besides the road waiting for a bus and a car almost killed me while i was crossing the road from a zebra crossing
2) Autos :- If you are living outside the city as in my case, the autos don't have a meter and the fare is decided by the kind of clothes you're wearing and the language you use to communicate with the driver
3) Dhols :- Well people in my part of the city keep celebrating something almost every week and hence play dhol ( An indian instrument which resembles to a drum) right till mid night thus ensuring you can't sleep early and go to work with a headache the next week. (Yeah you get a hangover even if you don't party :P)
4) Dust :- Though the most of the city is clean there's lot of dust and dust storms which will keep one busy if he/she has a dust allergy.
5) Expensive :- The city is expensive if people can figure out that you are into IT :D

So that's what's going on personally.....

Professionally i've started working on some new cool stuff. I'll post some interesting stuff in days to come and try to be more regular on this space....


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