Monday, September 7, 2009

Microsoft TR9 @ Seattle

I attended Microsoft TechReady 9 in Seattle in July and have been away from this space ever since :). TR9 was one of the great experiences i had in Microsoft in my 1 year @ Microsoft.
For someone who doesn't know what TechReady is, its basically biggest Microsoft Services event where Microsofties from the field get together to share the learnings and to get a gist of what's coming next from the product groups. Now i can't share the details of what i saw there in terms of upcoming products because of obvious reasons however as i see it .... the future looks bright.
I also got an oppurtunity to present on Developing Secure RESTful services using Microsoft WCF 3.5.
It was a great experience and the attendee party in The Commons @ Redmond was great :)
All in all nice experience and i got a new topic to work on i.e. ROA and RESTful services....

Stay tuned as i am now working on ROA so you would see some posts coming soon and one might be out in a couple of hours or even less ....


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