Monday, November 29, 2010

CRM 2011 Beta :- Creating large number of Options in an Options Set

So its been ages since i wrote anything in this space and i feel terrible for not being committed. However that's not the point for which i am here today.
I am here to share a small utility which can help you in developing applications on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta
Recently i have been working on creating a SIF compliant data model using CRM 2011 beta for an education domain offering. While trying create the Options Set for this data model i realized that some of the options like country, Language etc. have up-to 450 (or more) options. So creating an Options Set becomes a time consuming and error prone process.
So me and one of my colleagues (Nishant Rana) decided to write a utility which would help in creating the options in an options set by using CRM 2011 metadata service. The source code for the utility can be downloaded here.

In order to compile and run the utility you would need CRM 2011 SDK on your box. Once you run the utility you would see a form which looks like :- 

 The input values to the form are 

      1) User Name :- This is  a CRM User Name who has the permission to update the options set
      2) Password :- The password for the user
      3) Domain :- Domain of the CRM Machine
      4) Organization service URL :- Replace the server name and port in the given URL
      5) Seed value :- This is the integer value which would be given to the first option in the text file    . Other options values would be seed value +1... seedvalue + n
      6) Options Set Schema name :- Name of the options set in the CRM schema
      7) Select File :- Select the text file which has the options in it.

      Happy CRM 2011 coding to all of you. Do share your comments/feedbacks and thoughts on the utility.


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