Thursday, April 26, 2012

External config for CRM Online wsdl based proxy

The sample which comes with CRM SDK to connects to CRM Online services uses an extension method and a partial class to attach the appropriate federation tokens for authenticating the calls against live services. 
The extension method is given for any class which derives from ClientBase. The DiscoveryServiceClient and OrganizationServiceClient are the proxy classes which derive from ClientBase and ClientBase respectively. The limitation of deriving from ClientBase is that the WCF Configuration has to be read from app.config or web.config files. 
Sometimes there are limitations where you want to read these configurations from an external file e.g. if you are shipping an add-in to outlook you definitely don't want to ship outlook.exe.config file. 
.NET 4.5 adds the capabilities for reading the configuration from external file but if you are developing against .NET 4.0 or earlier versions you face an issue and the only way out is to use a Custom Channel Factory as described on 

And instantiate the Channel using the Custom Channel Factory. However this class doesn't have a method to configure federation and attach appropriate tokens to the channel to call the CRM Online service successfully. 
The attached sample provides an additional method in this class which can be used to attach proper tokens to the channel. 

The sample can be downloaded from here

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