Monday, July 24, 2017

Host name for Europe (Rot) - Canary region in Hana Cloud Platform

While working with Hana Cloud Platform for SAP, one needs to enter the Host  name to publish an application to the cloud. Now most of the Host name are documented by SAP on over here and more often then not it works for the region where you are working. 
However if you have an account on Europe (Rot) - Canary region like I do, the document doesn't specify the host and you would keep scratching your head on what to enter in eclipse. 
My first intuition was to do the brute force and I tried a few combinations from the page as host for my account and it kept giving me an error which told me that my password is incorrect. 
Now I was sure that my password is not incorrect as I was copying it into the eclipse dialog to be sure. So much for exception handling in eclipse. 
Finally asked for help from an ops colleague, who again had no information on this. However while looking into this situation, we noticed a pattern emerging when we click various regions on the HCP cockpit. If you keep selecting various regions in your cockpit and compare them with the host names in the documentation, you can notice that pattern too. And voila we discovered our host name for Europe (Rot) - Canary region. It is "" 

Happy coding!!!!

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