Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chak de India!!!!

I travelled to Germany in the week in which the movie got release. Best or worst part was that i was travelling on Saturday morning 3.00 AM and there was no way that i could watch this movie before i leave for Germany. Best because i get a weekend in Germany where i can drive at 180 Km/ hour while the worst because i can't catch the movie.
Once i landed in Germany i didn;t have access to internet and for 2 long days i.e. Saturday and Sunday i was wondering how the movie is . I was dying to see the review of this movie on rediff.com
So on Monday morning when i landed up in office it was in my agenda to check the review on rediff. however due to work pressure i could not check the review till wednesday evening and once i checked the review i just wanted to fly back and see the movie myself.
As soon as i landed in India my flatmate ashish told me that the movie is amazing and he has already watched it twice. The good thing was that he was ready to watch it for the third time. So the first thing which i did the next morning i.e. on 15th august 2007 was to book 2 tickets of Chak de and go to watch the action myself.
It was really an amazing experience. This one of the movies of Shahrukh which i liked after a long time. I was an ardent Shahrukh fan but somehow people convinced me that he is not an actor but an over acting guy who can't present an emotion convinvingly enough to make it look real. All the Shahrukh critics must watch this movie to know what potential he has as an actor and what can he do to a role given to him.
The movie is not only about Shahrukh but i also loved the way all the girls have acted in it. None of them is really a big time actor but everyone has portrayed the character assigned to them convinvingly enough to make it look real. The movie is a tribute to Indian women and Indian national sport hockey. I wish we do win a world cup some day and we rejoice in real life as well.
I've asked Vishnu Bairagi to check the movie and throw his views on the same. It would be interesting to check how he reacts to a movie like this.
You can find him on http://akoham.blogspot.com/


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