Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A deviation!!!!

For a deviation and it is because of my friend Vikas (http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=15910390635559932445) who has cursed me for being selfish and write only the technical problems on my blogs. So i thought of posting something different on this blog and hope to continue doing it in future as well.
Last week i travelled home for rakhi (An indian festival) and i discovered 2 important things.
The first one is a link which can help me converting hindi typed in english into devnagri font. Its an amazing innovation by google and i appreciate it a lot.
Believe it or not but it is worth trying it out!!!!.

The second discovery i made was that people in my hometown Ratlam are blogging. Its in central state of India called Madya Pradesh . And the best part of it was that my friend Valkal's dad aged 60 years has done all kind of exploration to start blogging and he is writing amazing blogs and writing them at an amazingly high frequency.
Check Vishnu Bairagi on http://akoham.blogspot.com/
At his age i believe it is a miracle that he is enthusiastic enough to learn a new technology. (Computers are still a miracle in my hometown) and blog with such enthusiasm .

I wish him all the best and will try to draw some inspiration from him to keep updating this space regularly.


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