Friday, May 23, 2008

Initial setup

After struggling through at least 30-40 pdf documents on SDN over 100 google searches i finally figured out a system where SAP allows me to develop and test in
The system is HU6 and the details can be found in ES Workplace handbook Page 67.(
There are some very specific settings which you need to do if you are accessing this system from your corporate machine. Its actually a DMZ system and you need SAP Log on to access this system.
If you are in SAP Corporate network then you need not enter any SAP Router String which is given inside the above document.
Anyways by the time i figured out the workaround to access this system i figured out a SAP internal system with a similar BASIS Component release which is there on the system HU6 which you can use for your development. Most of the things in the blog series i would be posting should work as it is on HU6.
So my intial setup was over as soon as i configured HU6 i knew i have access to a XI system which by this time i came to know is called PI and not XI anymore.
For anyone out there who wants to play with PI add HU6 system to your SAP Log on utility and off you go....
I would play with ESR now....

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