Friday, May 23, 2008

Settnig the prereqs.....

According to various documents on SDN i found out that ESR will be the repository in which the interface of a service will be stored. While the implementation of this system will lie in a business system
Now the first question is how to define the interface. The tool which can be used for defining this interface is Integration Builder. Now in order to work with the Integration builder one needs a Software Component Version and for defining a Software Component Version one needs to have a Product.
So the first step is to create a Product. Here are the steps to do this
1) Login to your PI system
2) Double click on User Menu -> Exchange Infrastructure -> Administration -> SLDCHECK - Test SLD Connection. Alternatively execute transaction SLDCHECK
3) Step 2 should open the SLD UI in an internet explorer
4) Click on the link Products
5) Add a new Product Version by clicking "New Product Version"
6) Come back to the SLD UI in internet explorer (You can use Home link on your page or use the back button in the browser)
7) Click on the Software Components link
8) Add a New Software Component Version by clicking the button
9) In the Add New Software Component Version Select the product as the product you defined in the step 5
Once we are done with this we have got the first 2 prerequisites ready to develop our interface.
Next is to use the integration builder to start defining the interface....


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